PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!

PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!
PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Healthy Eating is Important

Healthy eating is important since the moment you were born. Proteins and minerals and other substances that contain these things are crucial for a person's development and growth. Having a healthy life will be important because when you get old, it can prevent you from doing alot of things. Also eating unhealthy can cause lots of diseases and diabtets.

-Masterey Chater Student

Healthy Recipe Sharing

How many of you like to run to the corner store to find something to eat. I know many of you do, so STOP because it's not good for you. Try something new. Go online and look for healthy recipes and pick the one that spark your interest the most. Then go to your nearest super market and pick up the items. Then make it and put your own twist onto it. Then after its all said and done give this recipe to you friends.

-Master Charter Student

#10 Chicken Nugget Meal

While walking, me and my friend were trying to figure out what we wanted to eat. So as we are walking we come across all of the unhealthy places to eat. So my firnd wanted to eat McDonalds so he goes in there and orders a #10 chicken nugget meal, I tell him: "Lets go to salad works and get a healthy non greasy grilled chicken salad". My friend refused and still wants to eat unhealthy so what I did was made him a deal. I told him, "if you get a lesser amount of chicken nuggets and mix them into your salad and try it and you like it, ill buy us lunch for a week." He took the offer after he thought about it for a while and after he tried it he actually liked it. So far now on after school, me and my friend go to salad works and McDonalds.

-Mastery Charter Student

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Farm-to-School Focus Group

When Ms. Deb, first came to visit, she left an everlasting impression on the good and I. She put a lot of thoughts into our heads about influencing our schools about the foods that they are REALLY eating.
-Cameron Taylor

L4S GrassRoots: “The Healthy Dose” Weekly Text Messages 2.6.12

"Don't go to the vending machines, go to the ediblie greens."

 PUFFA Youth Cheer!

"P.U.F.F.A, Wonder what we'll eat today! We're hungry, yeah, yeah, we're hungry!!"

 Written by: Cameron Taylor

L4S GrassRoots: “The Healthy Dose” Weekly Text Messages 2.6.12

10 Teens interested in developing their leadership skills participate in Leaders 4 Success (L4S) Teen Council. We the council meets at The Enterprise Center on Mondays and Wednesdays of each month from 4PM to 5:30PM; and we learn ways to empower and influence our peers, and communities through interactive lessons on goal setting, mentorship, gratitude, and community service. We hope you enjoy our healthy text messages.

“Don’t Eat greasy foods, it decreas youth happy moods”


“Reach for the sky, but stay away from the top of the food pyramid”


“Think outside the bun” and “Salads, Eat Fresh”


Farm-to-School Focus Group

Last week, Ms. Deb (Fair Food,Farm to Institution Program Manager) came in to speak with us about where are fruit and vegetables come from in the school. It was a focus group discussion. Ms. Deb was an amazing presenter, I actually had fun she has a very good sense of humor and is passionate about what she does. Ms. Deb gave the group “Post Cards” with catchy slogans and an explanation at what the program is and what it does. I took the post cards to school and explained to many children and peers about the Eat Fresh Here, program and exposed the post cards.
- Zaneerah
Last week we had a focus group about the Eat Fresh Here, program that produces the healthy food in our school from Ms. Deb, and it was very informative. She also made learning about the program fun.
During the summer, I worked with PUFFA who teamed with WHYY’s  Public Media Commons. We made short PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) promoting healthy eating and exercises. The video’s I made with my peers are regularly aired on the TV [LCD Monitors] in the school room cafeteria all over the city. I often see mine at school and all of my friends have noticed them too. Its’s exciting to know that an hardwork is influencing people everywhere and become a “celebrity” in school has been great as well.

Written by: Leaders 4 Success (aka Core PUFFA Youth)

On the Go? Don’t Hit the Trail without This Mix!!

Sick of picking out the raisins in store-bought Trail Mix? Then, learn how to make your own! Sorry to sound sassy, but it’s pretty darn easy. What do you need? Well, anything you like!
Here is a general list to get you started:
·       3 different types of dried fruit
·       2 different types of nuts
·       Sealable plastic baggies
·       Measuring cups
*Feel free to add more like pretzels, etc.
Now follow these simple directions:
1.    Grab a baggie
2.    Add a cup of each ingredient
3.    Seal the baggie
4.    Shake it up to mix the ingredients
And that is it, your own customized Trail Mix! Enjoy!
Written by: Youth Leadership Council ( aka Core PUFFA Youth)

The Mastery Charter Interns’ Blog

While walking to McDonalds, me and my friend were trying to figure out what we were going to eat. So he goes to McDonalds and orders a #10 which is a chicken nugget meal, but I tell him, “Let’s go to Salad Works,” but he refuses and still wants to eat unhealthy, so what I did is that I made a deal with him, so I got a salad and he got the nuggets but we split both meals equally so that it wouldn’t have been so unhealthy for him.
Written By:  The Mastery Charter Interns (Core PUFFA Youth Partnership)

Youth Leadership Council (aka Core PUFFA Youth)

January 26, 2012 – SALT & PUFFA Meeting
                During our last SALT & PUFFA gathering, we met youths from the High School of the Future. We started off the night by playing ice breakers such as Power, Up Down Lock, and Watermelon. Then we listened to presentations about the Youth Council and the Food Bill of Rights. The Youth Council sounds like an excellent way for youth to get involved and advocate for a healthier lifestyle. The Youth Food Bill of Rights talks about how we would like our food and where it comes from. For example, we demanded that foods came from no more than 100 miles away. For dinner, we ate cous cous, vegetable stew, and chicken. A vegetarian option of chicken was also available. The food was delicious and the best part was the chicken. We’re excited for the next meeting!
Written by:
Jenn Luu, Stephenney Ariyakham, Vi Banh, Chan Im