PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!

PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!
PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Farm-to-School Focus Group

Last week, Ms. Deb (Fair Food,Farm to Institution Program Manager) came in to speak with us about where are fruit and vegetables come from in the school. It was a focus group discussion. Ms. Deb was an amazing presenter, I actually had fun she has a very good sense of humor and is passionate about what she does. Ms. Deb gave the group “Post Cards” with catchy slogans and an explanation at what the program is and what it does. I took the post cards to school and explained to many children and peers about the Eat Fresh Here, program and exposed the post cards.
- Zaneerah
Last week we had a focus group about the Eat Fresh Here, program that produces the healthy food in our school from Ms. Deb, and it was very informative. She also made learning about the program fun.
During the summer, I worked with PUFFA who teamed with WHYY’s  Public Media Commons. We made short PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) promoting healthy eating and exercises. The video’s I made with my peers are regularly aired on the TV [LCD Monitors] in the school room cafeteria all over the city. I often see mine at school and all of my friends have noticed them too. Its’s exciting to know that an hardwork is influencing people everywhere and become a “celebrity” in school has been great as well.

Written by: Leaders 4 Success (aka Core PUFFA Youth)

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