PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!

PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!
PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!

Friday, August 12, 2011

2nd and Final week of WHYY Media Camp: Day 4 August 11, 2011

Today we had to get everything edited and done. So we filmed our last video call "Lettuce Make a Sandwich". In this video we had to demonstrate how to make a sandwich that is good for you and we name our sandwich an "Athlete's Sandwich". We had to bring in a tomato, two hard boiled eggs, lettuce, and wheat bread. In this video Robert Kralle starred are the demonstrator/cook. This like the muffin video has sound to it. It took 15 takes to get this video perfect. Then we started importing this video and started to edited it. Then we finished up editing the PUFFA video. We stayed a little later than usual but we got everything done.

2nd and Final week of WHYY Media Camp: Day 3 August 10, 2011

Today we started to video tape our next video about the whole grain muffin. We use the lockers at WHYY and two camera to get different shots. This time around I starred in the video and so did another girl named Julie Mark. Unlike all of our other videos this one has sound because Julie and I had to talk to get our point across. It took us 34 takes to get it absolutely right. Then we had to import all of the good takes into the computer. Then we had to start editing the video. While every one was editing Steven Dixon and I had to go to a radio room so we could do the voice over for the PUFFA video. It took me a couple of times to get it perfect but it happen. Then we went and imported the voice over into the PUFFA video. We had to time it right with the pictures and we had to change pictures around and add some pictures too. At the end of the day we had made good progress.

2nd and Final Week of WHYY Media Camp: Day 2 August 9, 2011

Today we finished up editing for all of our videos and started on the back round music. We started creating some music in a program called Garage band. This program helps you create any kind of music you want. It already has recorded instruments on there that you can pick and choose from. It was alot of fun to play around with. Then we had to put the music with the video and time it right with the video. Then we started think about ways we could do our next video with the whole grain muffin.We came up with two teenagers at their lockers at school and one of them didn't have breakfast so the other gives them the whole grain muffin. But it brings up the question " Are muffin good for you?" and the answer is whole grain muffin are good for you because they lower your of having heart disease, type two diabetes and cancer. Then we started animating a title for this video. It was hard but we figured it out.

2nd and Final week of WHYY Media Camp: Day 1

Today my group had to go to a park so we could record our next video for the apple. The way we made this video is a male teen missing passes while playing football and after he eats an apple, he has more energy and starts to catch all the passes. So we had one of the boys in our groups, Robert Kralle, play the football player and another boy, Brandon Mark, throw the football to Robert. We taped from many different angles and points. Then we came back to WHYY  and started importing the video on the computer. Then our group split up, half of us started editing the apple video and the other half started working on the PUFFA plug video. I was working on the PUFFA video. We had decided that we were gonna make it a slide show of all the pictures from this summer intern ship with a voice over in the back round. We had to download all the pictures from our face book page (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Puffa-Youth/170936122960369) and import them into the Project Pro, so we could edit. We had to go through the pictures so we had them in the order we wanted them in. By the we got done that part it was time to go.

Friday, August 5, 2011

1st Week of Media Camp at WHYY: Day 4 August 4, 2011

          Today my group had to go to china and the gallery so we could get the products we needed for our PSA’s. We had to get an apple, yogurt, and whole grain muffin. Then we went back to WHYY and we had to figure out how we wanted to animate our title. When we finally got it was time for lunch and we left for it and came back an hour later. Then we finish up editing our video just in time for our little going away party for one our directors, Evan George. We had gotten him some pretzels that spelled out “We will miss you, Evan! PUFFA” and some fruit trays. We took some pictures and eat some food and showed off our finished videos to everyone and Evan was happy. All in all it was a good day of work.

1st Week of Media Camp at WHYY: Day 3 August 3, 2011

Then we worked on our next video idea, which was go healthy eating on the go. So we had to research healthy food choices that are fast and easy. So was choosing granola bars, yogurt, an apple and whole grain muffins. So the first one we shot was the granola bar video and the way we made it was that a teen was running to catch a bus but he was too late and so he pulls out a granola bar to eat for a quick breakfast. We had to shoot from many different angles but it was worth it for the outcome of the video. Then we went back to WHYY to start editing and finish up the research.

1st Week of Media Camp at WHYY: Day 2 August 2, 2011

Today we got back to our groups to finish up our videos. Then we showed our finished videos to the other group and our directors, Craig and Tiffany. Then we brainstorm some more about the themes of our videos. Then we decided that were going to try to make at least 5 PSA (Public Service Announcement).  Then we split up into our groups and started brainstorming our ideas for our PSAs. We came up with some great ideas and we couldn’t wait to get to work on them the next day.

1st Week of Media Camp at WHYY: Day 1 August 1, 2011

My coworkers and I had to go to WHYY for our media camp. We met our instructors Henry and Steve. They show us how to how to work the cameras and how to set up a shot. Then we had to brainstorm different ideas for our PSA (Public Service Announcement). Then we split up into two groups of four and an instructor.  We did a practice PSA, so we had to go out and film. The PSA’s can be 30, 60 or 90 seconds long no shorter or longer. My group PSA was about physical activity and its benefits. Then we came back inside so we could edit our video together. Once we had how we wanted it, we added some really cool effects. It was a lot of fun and I couldn’t wait for the next day.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Movie!

Day 4- August 4, 2011

Today we went out and continued filming our second PSA's! We went to the park and filmed the rest of the footage. After lunch we went to the McCaan Farmers Market on 10th and Chestnut. We also filmed some more footage there. We came back to WHYY and uploaded our film to the computer. We began editing and were already half way through our PSA! It is very exciting to be official movie makers. Tomorrow we will go the our WorkReady development classes and we'll be back on monday. Until next time, Beet the heat and stay inside! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Get It Going!

Day 3- August 3, 2011

Today we decided which commercials we wanted to start filming and we got right down to work! We laid out the order of our shots and started filming. We went to the park and got as many shots as we could before it started to rain :( We then came back inside and started editing our clips. I even began creating the background sound and effects for our next PSA. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be better so we can continue filming. Until next time readers, Take it easy and don't eat greasy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On Our Way To Hollywood!

Day 2- August 2, 2011

Today we came into WHYY ready to finish our PSA's! We got right down to business editing and producing our video clips. We learned  how to work Movie Maker and we received many tools that will help us edit our videos easier for the future. After our videos were completed we showed each other the final product. It was an amazing moment. OFFICIAL MOVIE MAKERS! We then brainstormed more ideas we wanted to use for our final PSA collection. Immediately we chose one we wanted to focus on for tomorrow. We learned about different shots and angles to hold the camera at to make it more uniform. Then we wrote the script for our next PSA's and drew out the order in which our shots would go. I can't wait until tomorrow when we get to film again. :)

WHYY Interns!

Day 1- August 1, 2011

WHYY Bound! We came to WHYY 's Public Media Commons today where we met Craig, Steven and Henry. We will be making PSA's (public service announcements) over the course of the next two weeks that will be shown in cafeterias all over the school district. After making introductions, we sat and brainstormed about ideas and topics we wanted to target in our videos. Then we got right to work. We opened bags full of camera equipment and learned the basics of film production. In two groups, we decided what we wanted our first thirty second videos to be on. We went outside and started filming. After several attempts at creating numbers with our bodies, doing one-armed pushups, and jumping off of swings screaming, "ITS A LIFESTYLE!" we finally had our material. When came back to WHYY where we uploaded the film onto hard drives. As the day ended we discussed what our plans would be for the next day. We had to make it good now, because tomorrow was a new adventure!