PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!

PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!
PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SALT & PUFFA Guest: The Chat and Chew Crew!

"Today was an interesting SALT & PUFFA gathering because I got to hear about everyone's dreams and aspirations for our community. That was extremely inspiring and comforting, too."

"I learned so much from the PUFFA Youth tonight. I never knew that healthy could taste so good. I really liked the what's my goals, dreams and aspiration for my community' icebreaker with the gummy bears. "

"I had the chance to find out things that trouble my peers just like me. I really liked the healthy BBQ food, too. I liked it all, and ate it all."

"The SALT & PUFFA gathering was a positive expereince. I loved seeing people my age voice their opinion."

"The gathering was very active and I had a lot of fun."

"The SALT & PUFFA gathering had some really insightful young people prespectives. Teens really can move and bonded over the Wii Challenge and gummy bear icebreaker."

"I liked the Wii Challenge."

"I enjoyed meeting new people my age and experiencing other people's views."

"I am curious to learn more about the PUFFA Organization. I really felt good among students/ kids my age and having fun while being active."

Remarks by: Intensive Prevention Services at United Communities, Fleisher Art Memorial, Youth Leadership Council, Leaders 4 Success and PUFFA Youth.

SALT & PUFFA December 2011 Gathering

A healthy school food group discussion between David Seng, Keith Chan and Stephenney Ariyakham.

"The food sampling was a new, unique expereince. The chefs used old ingredients from the cafeteria that were familar with and put a inventitive spin on it. They made healthy alternatives to vegetables and different ethinc foods. I would definitely eat lunch if our food looked like that. If we could offer one suggestion, the lunch ladies should skip out on the unknown foods."

Keith-"Also, what was with all the turkey?"
David- "They can get turkey cheaper than the other meats."
Stephenney-"And its healtier too.."
Keith-"Well, I guess the abundance of turkey is alright then, if its cheaper. But definitely skip the mystery foods."