PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!

PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!
PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SALT & PUFFA December 2011 Gathering

A healthy school food group discussion between David Seng, Keith Chan and Stephenney Ariyakham.

"The food sampling was a new, unique expereince. The chefs used old ingredients from the cafeteria that were familar with and put a inventitive spin on it. They made healthy alternatives to vegetables and different ethinc foods. I would definitely eat lunch if our food looked like that. If we could offer one suggestion, the lunch ladies should skip out on the unknown foods."

Keith-"Also, what was with all the turkey?"
David- "They can get turkey cheaper than the other meats."
Stephenney-"And its healtier too.."
Keith-"Well, I guess the abundance of turkey is alright then, if its cheaper. But definitely skip the mystery foods."

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