PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!

PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!
PUFFA Youth Dance Mob!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Easy Ways Of Exercising In The Comfort Of Your Home!

Some people think that the only way that you can get a good exercise is by just going to the gym and even buying expensive equipment. But there 10 ways that you can exercise in the comfort of your home without spending any money. 

1)      Walking - If the weather is nice, it’s good to get outside and enjoy the scenery around you while you exercise.

2)      Jumping Jacks - These are always fun they are also great cardio exercises, and good for warming up, too.

3)      PushupsThese are good for building up your body muscles.

4)      Leg Lifts - These are great for building up strength and muscles in your legs.

5)      Crunches-The best exercise for building up and strengthening abdominal muscles

6)      Jogging-Jogging is a great exercise for your heart. You can jog in place at home while watching TV or listening to music. The only equipment you will require is a good pair of shoes.

7)      Squats They are wonderful exercises for your legs. You can even just try these by sitting and standing up again from a regular chair.

8)      Light Weight LiftingNo, you don’t need to go out and buy expensive weights for this! Just use whatever you can find in your house. Start out with something lighter, such as a can of peas, and work yourself up to heavier items. You can use milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles or even water jugs.

9)      DancingDancing is a wonderful exercise, which is great for your heart.
10)  Step Exercises – Using the steps in your home, you can do repetitions which will tone your leg muscles.
These are 10 easy priceless ways to exercise in the comfort of your home without worrying about going to the gym.  

Give some of these a try this week, inside or outside in the sunshine, let us know how you did in the comments!

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